We are a crack Facebook based RP that specialise in all things crazy. We love the drama and we love ourselves some angst! (Of course we love fluffy cutesy stuff too, but we’re secretly sadists who want to feel pain. Just kidding. Or am I? You’d have to join to find out! :P) 

This RPG is set after the events of the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

Upon the defeat of Gaia and her minions, the hidden world of the Olympians is finally at peace. Mostly, at peace.  After the seven heroes of the prophecy’s journey across the globe, into the underworld, to the ancient lands and back, the Athena Parthenos is returned home- preventing an all out war between the Romans and the Greeks. In a merge issued by the queen of the gods herself, the campers of Camp Half-Blood find themselves in a new home in sunny California: Camp Jupiter.

The Greeks will have to learn to live in a new city- one built on war and conquest- and the Romans will have to get accustomed to their new guests and their ultra colourful personalities. Of course, centuries worth of tension and conflict don’t fade overnight. Drama, romance and angst fill the air with electricity as two opposing forces try to become one.

Will they be able to form bonds and learn from each other? Or will this just end in more tears and bloodshed? Log on to Facebook and find out!

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you know [after you wear the costume] you start standing different

Title: Pompeii Layers
Artist: Bastille
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HISTORY MEME: (2/10) people Khan Krum

Krum the Fearsome (Bulgarian: Крум Страшни) was khan of Bulgaria from sometime after 796 until his death in 814. During his reign the Bulgarian territory doubled in size, spreading from the middle Danube to the Dnieper and from Odrin to the Tatra Mountains. His able and energetic rule brought law and order to Bulgaria and developed the rudiments of state organization. Krum was remembered for instituting the first known written Bulgarian law code, which ensured subsidies to beggars and state protection to all poor Bulgarians. Drinking, slander, and robbery were severely punished. Through his laws he became known as a strict but just ruler, bringing Slavs and Bulgars into a centralized state.

In early 811, Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros I undertook a massive expedition against Bulgaria, advancing to Marcellae. The Chronicle of 12th-century patriarch of the Syrian Jacobites, Michael the Syrian, describes the brutalities and atrocities of Nikephoros: "Nikephoros, emperor of the Byzantyne empire, walked into the Bulgarians’ land: he was victorious and killed great number of them. He reached their capital, seized it and devastated it. His savagery went to the point that he ordered to bring their small children, got them tied down on earth and made thresh grain stones to smash them." While Nikephoros I and his army pillaged and plundered the Bulgarian capital, Krum mobilized as many soldiers as possible, giving weapons even to peasants and women. This army was assembled in the mountain passes to intercept the Byzantines as they returned to Constantinople. At dawn on July 26, the Bulgarians managed to trap the retreating Nikephorus in the Vărbica pass. The Byzantine army was wiped out in the ensuing battle and Nikephorus was killed, while his son Staurakios was carried to safety by the imperial bodyguard after receiving a paralyzing wound to the neck. It is said that Krum had the Emperor’s skull lined with gold and used it as a drinking cup.

mythology meme:  [3/3] mythical rulers

↳ romulus and remus of alba longa

Twin sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia, they were nursed by a she-wolf as infants and raised by a simple shepherd and his wife. Once they reached adulthood, they helped overthrow the false king of Alba Longa. Rather than press their own claim to the throne, however, they decided to restore the rightful king, and found a new city of their own. A disagreement arose, concerning the location of this new city; the brothers fought and Remus was killed. Romulus founded Rome and brought it glory, but as the years passed he became increasingly autocratic, and in the end either disappeared, ascended to the heavens to become a god in his own right, or was killed by the Senate, depending on the particular version of the myth.

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