PART I (Baroque)

A compilation of chamber music from Baroque music (1600–1760) in Western classical music featuring the works of Bach, Vivaldi and others.



PART II (Classical period)

A compilation of chamber musics from the Classical period (1730–1820) in Western classical music featuring the works of Mozart, Beethoven and others.



PART III (Romantic period)

A compilation of chamber music from the Romantic movement (1815–1910) in Western classical music featuring the works of Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss Jr. and Sr. and others.


fanmix     classical music     baroque     music     instrumental     idek know anymore     tagging things like this is hard lemme tell you     mine:fanmix     because everyone needs this at some point do not even try to argue with me     let's all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful classical music really is     and that we've all heard it from cartoons at some point     (do not lie)     (tom and jerry and looney tunes were FULL of classical music)     (mostly music from the romantic period a.k.a. the third mix)     enjoy my little chickadees    

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